And depending on the core of your issues, it’s probably best to work with an herbalist as vitex is also know for causing more symptoms when it’s not needed. It may be taken throughout the end of the third month of pregnancy, which may help prevent miscarriage, according to German research. Here is an article about how it can enhance fertility and it talks about a study done and the results: Vitex (Chasteberry) and Fertility From the article: The safety of vitex is exceptional – in one study, vitex was given up to 9 years in some cases, with very few side-effects. So sorry to hear it can affect the prog levels so much that it can cause miscarriage. This video was shared live on periscope! Download the Periscope App to get notifications of my live 5. com. The bottle says 3 times but I believe thats too much. Pregnancy Tonics . Our Vitex fruit is carefully grown, tested and produced to certified quality standards. My Experience with Red Raspberry Leaf Tea after a Miscarriage Today's post is for all the women who come to this blog to find healing and hope after a pregnancy loss. 21 Jan 2014 Chaste tree, also known as chasteberry or Vitex, is the fruit of a small of chaste tree for fertility enhancement and prevention of miscarriage. It can correct progesterone deficiency, and is wonderful for normalising the menstrual cycle and encouraging regular ovulation. Because your cycle needs time to regulate after a miscarriage, it can be difficult to pinpoint when you being to ovulate Take vitex only after your period and 3-4 days after ovulation and stop. I am planning to stay on it throughout my first trimester. The emailer had a miscarriage and would like to know Susuns advice for retained tissue. I am not sure if Vitex can be consumed during menstruation but it gave me a shock! I had many huge bloodclots which gush out nonstop during that night and it looks like miscarriage to me. Testimonial I have to say, the Happy Day Tincture feels like a balm to my insides. I think it was after I got the positive pregnancy test. Vitex comes from the fruit and seeds of a shrub and is commonly used for treating menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and many other conditions. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. Vitex agnus castus has shown to also regulate the hormone prolactin. 15 Serious Side Effects Of Chasteberry by Sarjita 12 Comments Chasteberry whose scientific name is Vitex Agnus-Castus is the fruit of the Chaste tree and is also known as “monk’s pepper” or “women’s herb”. It may help women with PCOS who are lacking a normal menstrual cycle and thus don't ovulate or menstruate. 5% of participants taking Bromocriptine reporting nausea and vomiting . Pregnancy and miscarriage prevention: Vitex is not recommended for use during pregnancy, simply so that the pregnancy hormones can do what they need to do naturally. These symptoms indicate that a miscarriage is For all those who take vitex or had taken vitex can you take it during pregnancy? I've been taking vitex to regulate my cycles and I just found d out I'm pregnant but I just do t want to go and stop cold turkey I'm afraid because I know my progesterone levels are high right now and I'm afraid they Or using Vitex for the first half of your cycle then progesterone for the second? I want to try and get my cycles in order and ovulate earlier using Vitex, but have a consultant appointment in a couple of weeks where I’m guessing they may suggest progesterone supplementation (my 7dpo progesterone was 17nmol/L). Hey Tracy, I have brought your book and really love all you reconments and hope they will help med getting rid of My Acne. Just thought I'd offer my story in case anyone's been looking into using vitex for fertility after trying for about 8 months to conceive our first and still having very irregular periods after being on the pill for over 10 years- I did some internet research & found a lot of good stories about vitex being used to regulate cycles & Pregnancy Over 40 - Vitex (Chasteberry) Increase LH Although herbal remedies were not a big part of my pregnancy protocol, I did drink Chasteberry tea. Do NOT use of this plant during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Several studies indicate that vitex can help control acne in teenagers, young women and men. . A Heavy Period after Miscarriage May be Cause for Concern. I asked for clomid, he said no. Pregnant women are recommended to consult their doctors or midwives while taking vitex during pregnancy. I got pregnant on the 6th month. . Vitex or chaste tree berry. Vitex is considered a safe herb to be consumed during pregnancy, but one should consult one’s doctor before using the herb during pregnancy. I read about Vitex and started to consume the supplement. A pregnant woman with abnormal vaginal bleeding or pain should see a doctor or go to the emergency department. This may help prevent a miscarriage or reoccurring miscarriages. Doctors give unbiased, trusted information on the benefits and side effects of Femara to treat Miscarriage: Dr. I was taking 2 600mg Vitex tablets and 1 200mg Vitamin B6 tablet every morning, aswell as my folate tabs. Each comes with different emotions that can be hard to sort through. I have had 7 chemical pregnancies in the past 18 months and one miscarriage at 9 weeks after using femara (you felt it was probably due to a respiratory virus I contrated around 6 weeks). 52, 53 Although researchers are still uncertain as to the exact mechanism of action of vitex it appears to having a regulatory effect on luteinizing It seems to restore progesterone to a normal level , which is helpful for those with low progesterone levels. It is native to western Asia and southwestern Europe, and is now common in the southeastern US. However I had never heard of Vitex. I'm so sorry you're here--I wish you weren't--but since you are, I hope to offer some empathy and support and peace. Well, i found these old posts regarding vitex since i noticed my ovul is delayed by a day or two. It does not contain hormones. Is there anything I can do to prevent this next time. I took vitex regularly for several months along with diet changes with hopes of improving fertility (I have diagnosed PCOS and hypothyroidism) – and, I finally did get pregnant but miscarried at 7 weeks. Finally, after two cycles of clomid I got pregnant, but lost the baby. Vitex agnus-castus tree is a shrub that is native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. I f 20 days have passed since your miscarriage, a heavy period may be completely normal (if you were a heavy bleeder before the pregnancy). DURING PREGNANCY activity and prevent miscarriages. so far we are doing great. increasing your fertility with vitex agnus castus Chaste-berry or vitex (vitex agnus-castus) is a fertility-promoting herb with a long, safe history of human use. It is a wonderful tonic to enhance the chances of conception through its ability to regulate ovulation and if taken through the first trimester, vitex will reduce the chances of miscarriage. 5. Using Vitex for PCOS can be really helpful to naturally treat all of these symptoms. High levels of prolactin are one cause of PCOS. How to prevent miscarriage: Herbs that may prevent miscarriage. Skip to content. Vitex May Help Prevent Miscarriage. Learn how you can use vitex supplements to treat hormonal imbalance and fix somehow worried the vitex might 'stall' the progression of my miscarriage)?. It can make your period more regular and help you get pregnant. So, some women have Contains herbs to help initiate labor, to re-start a stalled labor, to detach a retained placenta, to stop postpartum bleeding and to help with an incomplete miscarriage. , known as the chaste tree Question: Hi again, it's K. Im not out of the woods yet. Miscarriage is as emotionally taxing as it physically. Dhea and vitex? Hi. Most miscarriages occur due to low progesterone levels in the body. I just had my Vitex baby on 01/18/18 I had one miscarriage before him. What is a blighted ovum? In a normal pregnancy, your partner’s sperm fertilizes your egg after ovulation. By reducing prolactin availability, vitex can help to improve your fertility and possibly also relieve skin conditions such as acne or hair loss. Did it help with your cycles? and did you continue to take it while pregnant? Did it prevent miscarriage? TIA, Ash. Vitex can greatly shorten that time and helps ease the body into regaining its own natural rhythm. Vitex extract comes from the fruit of the chaste tree, which have a pepperish aroma and flavor and are collected in autumn. With its ability to regulate progesterone levels, Vitex can help keep a pregnancy safe. The vitex agnus-castus is used orally to for the following: Dysmennorhea Secondary amenorrhea Metrorrhagia Oligomenorrhea Polymenorrhea Symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome Female infertility Preventing miscarriage among women with progesterone insufficiency Controlling postpartum or intrauterine device-associated bleeding Aiding in My recent miscarriage ended with a D&C following. A miscarriage, also known medically as a spontaneous abortion, is the natural loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. Vitex also known as Chaste tree berry, dried berries (Vitex agnus-castus): Has been traditionally used by midwives and herbalist to prevent miscarriage associated with low progesterone. I have read that it is great to AVOID a miscarriage due to hormonal issues and I have read that it can CAUSE a miscarriage. So I was wondering if there were any vitex users or ladies who use to use vitex. I' ve experienced the grim routine of pregnancy tests, and know  Pregnancy and miscarriage prevention: Vitex is not recommended for use during pregnancy, simply so that the pregnancy hormones can do what they need to  Stomach pains and miscarriage comprised the most commonly mentioned . A miscarriage can still happen, even without the typical symptoms of cramping and bleeding. I just had a miscarriage on monday and am wondering about vitex or fertilaid? What is the difference between these?? When should I start taking them?? Will they help my levels go down to get my The term miscarriage is given to the loss of fetus within one’s womb during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Vitex has been known to prevent miscarriages. Vitex doniana Sweet Ntonongoli. After that, its effect on the pituitary starts to diminish. Vitex success twice!: Hi. A threatened abortion is vaginal bleeding that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was hoping it would help get my cycle back on track and extend my lp. Nutritional supplement manufacturers and some natural health experts assert that it helps women conceive, normalizes menstruation, prevents miscarriage, improves a woman’s supply of breast milk, and provides many other health benefits. [4] Important: As I said above, vitex may raise LH levels, which can be problematic for women with PCOS who already tend to have high levels of LH. There are others as well that are out there for different reasons but I have always seen a tonne of stuff on Vitex. It is important for you to know the main signs of miscarriage like vaginal bleeding, pain, and cramping in the lower abdomen. If miscarriages are due to low progesterone, Vitex may help to normalize or increase progesterone levels. I myself was first introduced to vitex in nutrition school, where we were taught that this medicinal herb was used primarily for women’s health issues. So lowering it will be beneficial for this disorder. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Conception Fertility Prenatal Vitamins – Regulate Your Cycle, Balance Hormones, Aid Ovulation – Myo-Inositol, Vitex, Folate Folic Acid Pills – 60 Vegetarian Soft Capsules at Amazon. It also contributes to stimulate the production of milk in the woman’s body. I was taking the recommened dose, which was three capsules a day. Like other health supplements, there are different brands of Vitex out there, but unfortunately, they are not all equally effective – as some brands have better quality and are therefore more effective than others. Yesterday I got bfp at ~3w3d. Vitex, also known as chaste tree berry, is an herb commonly used to treat Premenstrual Syndrome. Taking too much is not ideal. What was your infertility issue, and do you believe Vitex aided in fixing it. Contents Uses Benefits Side Eff Safety and efficacy of chastetree (Vitex Agnus-Castus) during pregnancy and lactation. Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste tree) TOP | CONDITIONS TREATED A-Z or BY GROUP. Please speak with your doctor before beginning this medication. Hey, in response to Leslie's posting, I decided to do more research on vitex and any links it may have to boosting the chances of twinning. emmenag o gue acti vity and prevent miscarriage s. May help prevent miscarriage due to progesterone boosting properties. Before my ovulation and up till today I have been taking Vitex. While larger studies need to be Health Benefits of Chaste Tree Berry In Pregnancy. This section provides botanical strategies for miscarriage prevention in the event of threatened miscarriage (Table Botanical Treatment Strategies for Miscarriage Prevention in the Event of Threatened Miscarriage and Habitual Abortion), and basic support for habitual abortion when resulting from progesterone insufficiency. 41 Tips How to Prevent Miscarriage Naturally in Early Pregnancy A miscarriage is known as the unfortunate result of the genetic abnormality in the fetus. Miscarriage remains one of the most common complication of pregnancy, but that doesn't make it easy to deal with. Vitex promotes fertility; in fact, one of the “side effects” of some of the clinical trials that have been done is that women have become pregnant! It has also been used to prevent miscarriage in women who have a history of miscarriage, possibly due to effects on progesterone. I've read alot of things on this, some say continue to take it during the first trimester and some say to stop completely. Some doctors also feel the low level of progesterone being produced by the body is a sign that the body is preparing for a miscarriage for other reasons. I just thought I'd jump in here on the Vitex front. He is healthy and happy and I felt completely sane during pregnancy. The types of miscarriage include the following: Threatened Miscarriage: Spotting or bleeding in the first trimester in which the patient and the doctor are not yet sure if the pregnancy will miscarry or not If you suffer from symptoms related to pre-menstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities, infertility, or menopause, chasteberry may be the natural answer you are looking for to help balance hormones. Most of the stuff in there is just to balance Another doctor named Gary Null has similar information on taking unicorn root to avoid miscarriage in conjunction with red raspberry leaf and vitex to regulate and ovulate better. It may help you to know that most women Vitex angus castus, also known as Chaste Tree Berry, is one of the most popular and beneficial herbs for women's fertility and menstrual health. For more information, check out this web page on the scientific studies and history of Vitex agnus castus (Chasteberry) at StevenFoster. Vitex may be considered safe to use during pregnancy, but make sure to consult with a healthcare practitioner when using this herb during pregnancy. Vitex, or chaste berry (Vitex angust-castus), is often used to help balance a woman’s hormones and generally taken as an extract. This herb has a long extensive history of use for hormone regulation. I only take 1 pill a day. The above combination of herbs, in the 'miscarriage prevention formula' is meant to be used on as as-needed basis. First and foremost, Vitex is an anti-inflammatory agent, working on one of the major symptoms of PCOS – inflammation. A miscarriage can also create problems with subsequent conceptions. still hoping and praying for a successful pregnancy. Vitex, which has the scientific name Vitex agnus-castus, has long been famous for its beneficial effects to the female reproductive system. While things are not simple, I will try to give a simplified explanation of the role of progesterone. A few friends have recommended I try an herbal supplement like Fertilaid or just a vitex supplement. Vitex has been shown to be effective in supporting optimal progesterone levels. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. It inhibits prolactin release by the pituitary gland. This herb is also known as Chastetree Berry, and is mainly found in the mediterranean. He is absolutely perfect and I took Vitex my entire pregnancy and continue to take it while breastfeeding. Everything I had read online said that stopping vitex abruptly can actually cause a miscarriage, so I slowly weaned off the vitex by the end of my first trimester & I quickly weaned off of the Saw Pametto. Vitex after miscarriage - posted in Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss: Before I got pregnant I was taking a vile cocktail of herbs from my naturopath. I am not undergoing any treatment at this time as I cannot afford it, but we are still trying naturally and I am seeing a naturopathic doctor for acupunture as my insurance will still cover that. 18 Jan 2008 SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF CHASTETREE (Vitex Agnus-Castus). I'm 39 and has a miscarriage in sept at 8 weeks and another in February at 7 weeks. Vitex (Chaste Tree) Berry Tincture. Use caution with this herb during pregnancy, and consult your I’ve been taking Vitex regularly for a year, I forget sometime because I’m only human. Hormonal imbalances are one of the most common complaints I see in my practice, and include conditions like: My first attempt with Vitex and VB6 landed me a BFP, however I had a missed miscarriage at 6wks 6days. Is Vitex (chasteberry) safe to take during the first 12-24 weeks of pregnancy? I have PCOS, history of miscarriage and - Answered by a verified OB GYN Doctor vitex & bleeding like crazy!!! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I have been ttc for nearly a year and had been taking fertilaid which contains vitex then switched to agnus castus on its own, when i got my BFP i stopped taking agnus castus but had a misscarriage 5 days after stopping vitex. Vitex is an herb that can take many, MANY months to notice good results, most women saying they didn’t see any changes before 8-12 months. It stimulates the function of the pituitary gland, which controls and balances our hormones by producing luteinising hormone. I have been really thinking to remember when I stopped taking the vitex. Vitex may interfere with the effectiveness of birth control medications. Many believe the ability of Chaste Tree Berry to increase progesterone levels explains the positive results witnessed by herbalists and midwives who use it to help prevent recurrent miscarriages in women. It is also used for irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and PMS. Some herbalists suggest vitex to help with fertility and even through the first trimester to help prevent miscarriage. These herbs are best used for up to six weeks after miscarriage has occurred. Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus, Monk's Pepper or Chaste Tree) is a pretty amazing herb. We were blessed with the pregnancy in February 2016, but I had a miscarriage at the . I swore the miscarriage was caused by the Vitex, and promised never to use it again. I have personally done extensive research on Vitex and I have taken it myself with successful results after years of irregular cycles and infertility. When it comes to Vitex and being pregnant, it is believed to be able to prevent miscarriages. How does Vitex work? The mechanism of Vitex’s action is only partially understood. Zimon on can femara cause a miscarriage: Femara (letrozole) is used to treat breast cancer in women who have gone through menopause. Chasteberry has been used for thousands of years to ease menstrual problems and to stimulate the production of breast milk. Also known as vitex, chasteberry is a small brown berry about the size of a peppercorn, that comes from a tree by the name of Vitex agnus-castus. Does anyone have experience with taking Vitex while pregnant? Chasteberry has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries for its health benefits. For women who tend to chronically miscarry or who have had a history of miscarriage, however, Vitex is safe and is recommended for use through the first trimester to help support Great article. As far back as ancient Greece, vitex agnus castus was recognized for its herbal-medicinal properties and was utilized for a number of health complaints. Remember vitex stimulates your pituitary gland just to function properly and keep hormones balanced. Can the Vitex fertility solution help with this? It has been proven time and again that Chasteberry or Vitex can correct problems including insufficient progesterone. Early miscarriage is a non-medical term for lots of different types of events that might or might not actually result in pregnancy loss. I had been trying for about a year due to annovulation. For some people, it takes time to be able to think about trying to get pregnant again after a miscarriage. Hey Erica, I started taking the Vitex immediately after my miscarriage and conceived 8 weeks later with no other help except acupuncture. If a woman has insufficient progesterone, she may be susceptible to ovarian cysts, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Vitex agnus castus can help to correct this imbalance and help restore or regulate the menstrual cycle and improve the chances of a pregnancy *Vitex: I have made a simple tea with vitex berries. All normal! He said it means I have poor quality eggs. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap my head around how we’ve dealt with both. 6 Sep 2017 The herbal medicine Vitex is prescribed for a wide variety of menstrual cycle and fertility issues. Join the group and find support in the company of others who know what you're going through. This time I used vitex, CoQ10, liquid cod liver oil, cinnamon, inositol, and tried to follow a low GI diet. I got a BFP again a few weeks later with no AF in between, and this time I stopped taking the vitex straight away. Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) occurs in 1% of couples and is defined as three Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree) is a herbal medicine with evidence. I know how it feels to lose a baby that you very much wanted. 52, 53 Although researchers are still uncertain as to the exact mechanism of action of vitex it appears to having a regulatory effect on luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and Miscarriages usually happen due to low progesterone levels and Vitex helps in fixing or normalizing the progesterone levels. Chasetberry flowers range from blue, to purple, to white. Have you ever experienced a miscarriage from a vitex pregnancy. February 4, 2017 at 4:24 pm I would not blame the miscarriage on vitex. A small clinical study of infertile women as well as women with a history of miscarriage found that low levels of magnesium may impair reproductive function and increase the risk for miscarriage. Other alternatives are progesterone creams or prescriptions. A short luteal phase after miscarriage does happen to some women, but it is believed that with progesterone supplementation it can be corrected. This fertility supplement has been used for centuries to help prevent miscarriages associated with low progesterone levels and is safe to use alongside progesterone creams. today i started taking vitex and wild yam hopes this work and save my baby im scared and tired of misscarrying i hope Finally I heard about Vitex and thought I would try it. What is Clinically Proven to Help Get You Pregnant? Below is a summary list of the Vitamins and Supplements clinically proven to help female fertility. Vitex agnus-castus (VAC) commonly called just Vitex, also known as Chaste Berry, is an herb that has used to correct hormonal imbalances in women for centuries, sometimes called “the women’s herb”. Take vitex only after your period and 3-4 days after ovulation and stop. The most common variety of vitex used medicinally is chaste tree, which produces chasteberry (Vitex agnus-catus), a small brown berry fruit about the size of Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is used by midwives and herbalists to prevent miscarriage associated with low progesterone, where it may exert its effects via enhancing corpus luteum function. Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) is a plant used in herbal medicine. One of nature’s best herbs that increase your fertility, as well as a special friend of all women, is an extract from the fruit of the chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) which is able to balance out the feminine hormonal system in a natural, safe and effective way, with no side effects. After a miscarriage you may experience infertility, or Vitex also known as Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex agnus-castus): Vitex has a regulating effect on the hormonal feedback loop, mainly the pituitary gland. Magnesium Deficiency, Infertility and Miscarriage . 3. After speaking to your doctor, it should be safe to take until the end of the third month of pregnancy. I took vitex for 3 months due to irregular cycles after BCP. I am a Mum of three gorgeous boys, 8,4 and 10 months. This community is dedicated to those who have experienced the traumatizing event of a miscarriage or a stillbirth. That was the second miscarriage (the first time was in Vitex for PCOS? If you have PCOS, you may have already noticed that the common uses of Vitex include a list of common PCOS symptoms. Is it safe to take vitex during pregnancy? Well, it has only been 3 weeks today and my period started. I have a question. Vitex, also called chasteberry and chaste tree, is an herbal supplement that is said to improve fertility in women. Good menstrual health is essential to creating new life. Results were "inconclusive" and could not identify the reason for the miscarriage. Susun tells the story of when she had a miscarriage, and talks about the 7 medicines. It is used for menstrual cycle irregularities, treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS], premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and symptoms of menopause. Is there anythin more The cause of my first pregnancy miscarriage seemed to b a bleed sac above my baby at 6 1/2 weeks. The reason is because I feel like I have a progesterone issue (I had it very low when I was 16, and during my second miscarriage). specifically used in preventing miscarriage. Vitex: Should You Use It? This has been a very popular question lately, as more and more women are reading about vitex and all the good it can do. Myo-Inositol and/or Vitex to boost fertility? Background info: My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years now with one miscarriage in March 2017. The fruit and seed Hi I had a miscarriage on xmas day, started taking vitex today to helpfully regulate my cycle and get pregnant soin! Has anyone done this, I will be taking 500mg a day, does this seem ok??? tIA Agnus Castus (Vitex agnus castus) This is a very helpful remedy for women who experience miscarriage because of a luteal phase defect (shortened second half of the cycle) or insufficient progesterone levels. So how does Vitex work, exactly? 1. Best Vitex Supplement to Help You Get Pregnant & Prevent Miscarriage. 4. Pregnant women, however, should always consult a medical practitioner before using any herb during pregnancy. Women in the midst of menopause find that Vitex will ease menopausal flooding, help eliminate night sweats and hot flashes, lubricate dry vaginal I do believe in the herbal vitamins trust me i been taking vitex and damiana for 4 months and if u read about all these vitamins there is something that says ur body does not get in the condition that its in in 1 month so it cant be fixed in on month so my suggestion is to find one that you really like and stick to it till u get it right!! the vitex has been working for me my cycles have Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) Some clinicians have used chasteberry in progesterone deficient women during their first trimester to prevent miscarriage, but it is not known if chasteberry Hi everyone I have been TTC for quite a while now, after hours of searching the Internet iv decided I'm going to give vitex-Angus cactus, maca root and coq10 a go! Has anyone tried anyone these or together and had any success?? From the lab results you show, the progesterone level is dropping and the β-HCG is still rising. Also known as chaste tree or chasteberry, it's often taken as a remedy for women's health problems. Vitex is a medicinal herb that has been used for thousands of years. If you have previously experienced a miscarriage, tests need to be undertaken to find out which herbs will prevent miscarriage for you. The last post says it all, you should take it months prior to ttc, but not when actually ttc to avoid miscarriage of course. I have no idea if it was the pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage that just jump started my ovaries enough for me to ovulate that one time or if the vitex played a part, but since I can't say it WASN'T the vitex either I'm gonna go ahead and say it did it's Chances are if you are interested in natural options to solve a whole variety of female hormone issues – you’ve heard of vitex. Low progesterone has been associated with infertility and increased risk of miscarriage. Within 2 months of taking Vitex I was pregnant! I noticed after taking 3 pills in the morning for 2 weeks, that I was having ovulation symptoms, and not long after we concieved. I took the herbs for 5 months with no luck. The thought is that vitex protects against “menopause-related cognitive decline” with fewer side effects (read: cancer risk) than other forms of estrogen replacement. Hi pleasant2, I believe in herbs to help with fertility problems, and after 3 failed IUIs and a miscarriage after Clomid, I didn't do anything for a year, and then decided to take things into my own hands and started on vitex 1 tablet twice a day. When I got my first BFP I didn't want to suddenly stop taking it, so I carried on, and unfortunately had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. Hi Dr Roseff, You were very helpful to me a few months ago with my last IVF which ended in a miscarriage. I was very shocked as I wasn't expecting to be pregnant since I hadn't had a period for a few months. To learn more, click on the name of each for details Prenatal Vitamins Either over the counter or prescription is fine Vitamin A 2,600 - 5,000 IUs per day supplementation with Vitex was followed by successful pregnancy with normal levels of serum progesterone and a live birth at full term. Progesterone makes the lining of the uterus thick for implantation and is necessary to sustain a healthy pregnancy. It’s usually a safe herb without too many side-effects. Currently 29 weeks and counting. It is the berries of the vitex plant that are used as medicine, and this plant is mostly used for female health issues. Miscarriages occur for a range of reasons, including illness, infection, and hormonal or genetic abnormalities. May promote lactation Supplementation can increase the amount of milk produced by mothers with or without pregnancy complications. can end in a miscarriage and more and more couples are turning to fertility treatments to help them have a family. Miscarriage An email question is read on blogtalkradio. in NY. Losing a child in-vitro can be devastating for the mother! A miscarriage can also create problems with subsequent conceptions. I am on 1600 mg (4 capsules) daily and considering decreasing by one capsule every 3 days or so. Vitex is a native shrub of Italy and Greece and is also known as Chasteberry or Chaste Tree in some regions. Vitex is a great way to balance cycles and optimize progesterone levels to prepare for pregnancy. This month marks a year ago that I had a miscarriage. Vitex also helps to prevent the advancement of endometriosis. During an average luteal phase which lasts 14 days, progesterone is secreted by the corpus luteum. Also known as “Chasteberry” or “Monk’s Pepper,” it is an herbal remedy said to aid in women’s general reproductive health. In lactation  Contraindications and cautions: Vitex should be used with caution by those who third month of pregnancy, which may help prevent miscarriage, according to  7 Nov 2017 Vitex (Chaste Tree berry) has been traditionally used during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage associated with low  Amazon. The vitex species are deciduous shrubs. Puritan’s Pride’s Guarantee: We only use the finest quality herbs and spices. And have become pregnant 2 times, once resulting in a Tubal and a miscarriage and so i read on line about Vitex and decided to give it a try and stick to it and see and document my progress and this is what I have come up with. I believe my miscarriages are entirely unrelated, and vitex is believe is helpingn bringing my body back to normal after the losses. 24 Sep 2015 The BMJ is advising doctors to wait longer before they diagnose a miscarriage. Dr tested thyroid, pituitary, progesterone and diabetes. Then I broke down & bought the Ovacue for the 6th month. Vitex (Chaste Tree berry) has been traditionally used by midwives and herbalists in the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage associated with low progesterone due to corpus luteum insufficiency. Vitex or DIM to help balance out hormones Sabina homeopathic pellets to induce the miscarriage if sluggish (instead of cytotec) Always pads (extra long and thin is my favorite) Important! Lots and lots of water Sepia homeopathic and Acupuncture are two others to consider for sluggish miscarriages My story: My great grandmother was born in Syria. And for most women, good info about viability does not come until the first ultrasound, usually performed at 8-10 weeks. But there are some people that take it till the end of the first trimester. But I can't remember how long. Less Certain Claims. Vitex doesn't have hormonal properties by itself, but it does help balance your hormones. In vitro studies, vitex has shown a possible emmenagogue effect, stimulating menstruations, so it can cause abortion or prevent pregnancy Chaste tree berry (Vitex agnus-castus) Vitex agnus-castus is the fruit of the chaste tree. 5 weeks after having a miscarriage with no monthly I went to the doctor for a check up & I was already pregnant with 3rd living child, 4th pregnancy Hellz; I took 1 month following my miscarriage but I think I got lucky I’m now 25weeks with our little bubba Marney How To Use Vitex Agnus-Castus (Chasteberry) To Treat Women’s Adult Acne by Fran Vitex Agnus-Castus (also called Chasteberry or Chaste Tree) is a supplement that I first took in my early twenties with great success to clear my premenstrual acne. For women who are trying to get pregnant, vitex may be helpful to help regulate the ovulatory cycle. Quoting think pink:" Vitex doesn't contain any hormones, have you had your progesterone levels tested?" Well I've heard that it raises your progesterone, and to stop taking it after ovulation just in case you DO get pregnant. Although some experts say that it presents no adverse effects the first 90 days of pregnancy, the truth is that there is a risk that the plant components interfere on the levels of hormones that regulate pregnancy and miscarriage may occur. Make sure you are under the care of a naturopath or herbalist for this. Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is used by midwives and herbalists to prevent miscarriage associated with low progesterone, where it may exert its effects via  Vitex (Chaste Tree berry) has been traditionally used by midwives and herbalists in the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent miscarriage associated with low  9 May 2019 Giving the hormone progesterone to women who have had a miscarriage and experience early bleeding in pregnancy could improve their  Abstract. Also Known As - Vitex agnus-castus. 30 Aug 2019 Recurrent miscarriage—miscarrying two or more times in a row—is also breaking down, which could lead to miscarriage if you're pregnant. Vitex (Vitex agnus-castus) or Chaste tree is a traditional woman's dietary supplement. 6 Sep 2017 Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry- Fertility and Preventing Miscarriages. You and your partner should take enough time to grieve properly after pregnancy loss and meet with a mental health professional if needed. We all know that miscarriage is very common, especially early in pregnancy. The problem with this is that some studies have linked vitex to birth defects and it is not recommended for use while pregnant. , chaste tree, gnus-castus, chasteberry, and monk's pepper Origin - Elbe, WA Overview - The chaste tree is a small shrub with lance shaped leaves and purple flowers. In a study of 1571 women taking an alcoholic extract of Vitex only 30 reported any problems, 12 being nausea, gastric distress or diarrhoea and 1 being an allergic reaction. Miscarriage. It helped with ovulation though, I never ovulated on my right side and I did once I started taking vitex. I have read that it is great to use while nursing and I have read that it can dry up your milk!! May help prevent miscarriage: Vitex has a beneficial impact on progesterone levels. Miscarriages can occur in almost 20% of all pregnancies with an astounding 80% of those miscarriages happening before 12 weeks of pregnancy. 6. I drink a cup daily Vitex can take about 3 months to really kick in, but it is an excellent hormone balancer, working on the endocrine system to obtain balance. I started taking vitex after I m/c back in October 2008. Without regular cycles, ovulation can not take place and therefore there is no viable egg for conception. Vitex & Fertility Vitex (Chasteberry) is the fruit of a small shrub-like chaste tree native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean region. In its ripe form, the fruit is used in the preparation of herbal liquids and powdered extracts. You should use chasteberry for at least 3 to 4 months to decrease the possibility of miscarriage. There is evidence that progesterone supplementation is imperative in pregnancies that have resulted from certain assisted reproductive technologies (ART), like in vitro fertilization (IVF). He hasn't ever heard of vitex, but said it wasn't something I couldn't take. I will start taking false unicorn root in conjuction with the vitex and red raspberry after all the bleeding stops when I am ready to try again. Home Remedies For Miscarriage Cramps And Pain – Best Home Treatments During the first 23 months of pregnancy, women can face the risk of the loss of pregnancy known as miscarriage. Although the exact role of Vitex in this case cannot Vitex Agnus-Castus: A Natural Solution for PCOS Robin Nielsen 0 0 0 A lot of time is spent researching the latest and greatest products that claim to alleviate devastating symptoms of PCOS and make our lives easier. Learn everything about conceiving after miscarriage. It is widely used to promote overall health and balance in a woman's cycle. How long does a miscarriage last? If you experience a miscarriage before realizing you’re pregnant, you may think the bleeding and cramping are due to your menstrual cycle. After my first child was two we decided to try for no 2, as we got preggas first go we thought we'd have no dramas, I had my first miscarriage. The miracle of Maca: I just wanted to share my story in hope it will help someone else grt thst precious bundle they dream of. Vitex helps in progesterone hormonal balance, with the right level of progesterone hormone a woman is able to become pregnant and carry the pregnancy to full term. stopping vitex "cold turkey" I have always read not to stop it immediately because it can cause miscarriage. Like many things in life, my miscarriage feels like it was so long ago, yet also like it was just a few months in my past. You might need time to heal, and therefore want to avoid another pregnancy, or you might be eager to try to conceive again. A bit about myself: I am in my late 20's and have been ttc for 10 months and have recently had two early MCs. There are two Vitex? : Hey, I am sorry if someone recently has posted about this but I can't seem to find a post regarding this topic. You may have to register before you can post Botanical Treatment For Miscarriage: Threatened And Habitual. A miscarriage can still happen, even without the Vitex is said to be a wonderful thing!! I am not so sure its working for me but if I waited a year, maybe it would. i keep thinking its because my progestrun levels dropped to quickly? i would like to take fertilaid again because i actually got a bfp after ttc for so long but not sure Studies show that progesterone supplements do not really help prevent miscarriage in the average pregnancy, even when there is a threatened miscarriage. Please be thorough and provide as much information as possible. This audio is just over 14:00 minutes long. I had great success with it as a teenager and i am wondering if anybody has used it after a miscarriage to regulate cycles? From everything that i have read Vitex is safe to take when ttc but it is recommended that you stop taking it when you are pregnant and/or nursing. 18 Jul 2018 The wonderful Chaste Tree (Vitex), is it what you are missing? to prevent against certain miscarriages and help to support the early stages of  Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Solaray Vitex Chaste Berry Miscarriage then no success at pregnancy for 7 months after, one month on  Chaste tree, sometimes called chaste berry or vitex, derived its common name from the Prevention of miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy in cases of   Learn more about Vitex Agnus-Castus uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Vitex Agnus-Castus. Yes I had day 21 tests done, and they came back as ok. I have written to you in the past about my difficulties staying pregnant. Remembering your last pregnancy, you may easily slip into worrying about this baby. I have taken Vitex for a bit over a month, and My skin is getting way worse. I am still taking 2 pills every morning for the first trimester to prevent miscarriage. It may also help address some of the issues that may limit fertility, including uterine cysts and irregular cycles. in: Buy Nature's Way Vitex Fruit 400 Mg 100 Veggie Caps online at low also fell pregnant within 2months of taking Vitex after series of miscarriages. Agnus Castus (Vitex Agnus Castus). I did continue taking vitex during those 7 weeks of pregnancy, but stopped the vitex during the course of the miscarriage itself. Undergoing fertility treatments is less fun than a hangover. Ladies, this story is to give HOPE to those of you struggling with long and irregular cycles like I did! I came off the pill in June 2012 and had the following cycles: 39 days 48 days 64 days (chemical miscarriage) 18 days 90 days (induced by Provera) 44 days 45 days Taking Provera was a difficult experience for me. Thanks for any and all input x Chasteberry (vitex agnus-castus) goes by Chaste Tree, Abraham’s balm, monk’s pepper, safe tree, and wild pepper. For instance, Greek physician Hippocrates, fellow Greek physician, pharmacologist, and botanist Pedanius Dioscorides, and Greek plant biologist Theophrastus all said vitex can be used to treat hemorrhage after childbirth and to assist with the “passing of Raising progesterone, which can lengthen the luteal phase, help with mild endometriosis, help reduce heavy periods, and prevent miscarriage due to low levels of progesterone. “Do you recommend Vitex agnus-castus or chaste tree for luteal phase defect and do you recommend to use it up until ovulation, positive pregnancy test, or during the entire first trimester?” There are two things about this question that I need to say. Good luck to you. You can get Vitex Agnus Castus in liquid or capsule form both online or at a drug store. Vitex, more commonly referred to as Chasteberry, is a potent fertility aid used for centuries to help prevent miscarriage and even get a stopped or scanty period started again. This fertilized egg immediately starts dividing, splitting into two It is natural to feel nervous about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. This is my second miscarriage in six months, the first on vitex. That being said, my OBGYN refuses to officially state that Vitex is the reason I am with child, but I know it to be true! I will say that my first several weeks of pregnancy, I was concerned that if I stopped taking the Vitex, my hormones would then become imbalanced and I would experience a miscarriage. It is not recommended to pregnant women or who want to be pregnant because of the possibility of miscarriage . Fortunately, components of vitex have been shown to reduce prolactin levels if they are high. Learn how Vitex helps improve reproductive health and how to use it for the best results. To watch my TTC s Vitex is most effective during the first three to six months of use. Vitex advocates also advise using the plant to tame Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), and to turn previously irregular menstrual cycles into regular cycles. It works on the ovaries via the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. When a woman has a first miscarriage, it is typically considered a one-off event Vitex agnus-castus (herbal medicine given at a dose of 250-500mg per day  15 Feb 2018 The anti-proliferative/pro-apoptotic potential of other herbal ingredients, including Vitex, has been proven in cancer but Curcumin is one of the  I started using it a few weeks ago, and now I'm starting to get nervous. I began taking again after my D&C and became pregnant (2nd month again) I took vitex 1200mg through first trimester-and then 400mg per day up until the day I delivered my son. When it is the right herb for the right woman, Vitex can be remarkable at helping with pre-menstrual tension, reducing the risk of miscarriage, improving fertility, improving the production of breast milk, helping with menopausal symptoms, helping with severe or cystic acne, helping withdraw from the contraceptive pill, reducing mid-cycle I just suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks last Sunday. Its said to take 3 months to work It is one of the main fertility herbs out there for women. I think a lot of women are looking for concise answers and advice on Vitex. Improved progesterone levels and pregnancy following Vitex agnus-castus ( chaste tree) supplementation in a case of recurrent pregnancy loss: A case report . Vitex, also known as Chasteberry, is a very common herb for preventing miscarriage. Vitex is safe to take when ttc but it is recommended that you stop taking it when you are pregnant and/or nursing. This month I suspected I was pregnant and have continued taking Vitex (I’ve read stopping to abruptly an cause a miscarriage) if I remember correctly I took a late dose (afternoon) instead of my morning dose Vitex has been shown by german gynaecologist to treat mild endometriosis. I always found it confusing and since someone mentioned there are 2 types i got more confused cause let's face it as much Vitex can be used to help return fertility due to a lack of menstruation and help to prevent miscarriage during the first trimester. Vitex increases progesterone and estrogen, lowers LH and prolactin Vitex induced significant increase in the uterine weight of ovariectomized rats at two dose levels comparable to that of control group. Low progesterone is the number one reason for recurrent miscarriages. Elevated FSH, estrogen, LH, prolactin, DHEAS linked to recurrent miscarriage FSH, estradiol, LH, prolactin and DHEAS concentrations were significantly higher in the unexplained recurrent miscarriage group than in the explained recurrent miscarriage group, although serum concentrations of all hormones were within the normal range. But that was after I had started the vitex. wild yam and vitex to stop miscarriage i am 3 weeks pregnant i was told today i was threathening a misscarriage and to come back to the hospital in two days to test progesterone levels because they were low and i was spotting. While miscarriage cannot be prevented by medications, there are some precautions that you can take to reduce your risks of miscarrying. Prevent miscarriage Vitex is good to increase progesterone levels in the body. It is probably safe to take Vitex for longer than six months, but you should not need to take it that long. :shell: False Unicorn Root-Good for Preventing Miscarriages (Endangered). Having a miscarriage can be very emotionally distressing for both you and your partner, while also taking its toll on your body. What is Vitex? Also referred to as Chasteberry, monk’s pepper, or Agnus Castus, Vitex is the fruit of the chaste tree. Overview Information Vitex agnus-castus tree is a shrub that is native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia. A second successful pregnancy followed, also with Vitex supplementation. It is often used for treating endometriosis, infertility, PMS, preventing miscarriage in first trimester, and menopausal symptoms particularly hot flashes. I asked about vitex, he said he couldn't help me with anything like that. Vitex is an exceptionally safe herb, with very few reported side effects. 23 Nov 2018 PDF | Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) occurs in 1% of couples and is Vitex agnus castus (chaste tree) is a herbal medicine with evidence to  You can achieve optimum health and minimise the risk of a miscarriage by following Dr Marilyn Glenville's Agnus Castus (Vitex agnus castus). Other potential uses include treatment of acne vulgaris and prevention of miscarriage in the Its ability to restore hormonal balance enhances fertility, and it helps normalize reproductive functioning when coming off birth control pills, after giving birth, having a miscarriage or abortion. Vitex agnus-castus is also used to  Find help for your miscarriage recovery with these healing foods, remedies, and or medical professional, you may decide that vitex will help you recover. Sometimes, doctors use another term in place of miscarriage-spontaneous abortion. Significant increases in plasma progesterone and total estrogens levels were shown at the two dose levels when compared to that of control group. The fruit is also known as vitex , monk's pepper , or monk's berry as it was used by ancient Romans to curb the sexual urges in monks. A miscarriage is defined as losing a fetus — spontaneously or o This is my second BFP post. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. She would like to avoid having and d&c. I started taking vitex because I went from Diane mite birth controlpills to regular birth control pills. If I get pg on it, will I have a miscarriage if I quit it cold turkey after I get my  Hi everyone I'm 31 & have been TTC off & on for 2 years. Learn more about Vitex Agnus-castus uses, benefits, side effects, interactions, safety concerns, and effectiveness. A miscarriage, also known medically as a spontaneous abortion, is the natural Vitex, or Vitex agnus-castus, is a European shrub with lilac flowers and berries. And, it had been a year since we’d begun trying to conceive. Some studies show that Vitex in early pregnancy can decrease miscarriage but for the most part it has been inconclusive. I highly recommend taking it at least till you are well into your second trimester. The concern with going off of it abruptly is that vitex is artificially getting your body to produce progesterone and if you stop taking it without using supplemental progesterone it could make miscarriage more likely. The fruit and seed are used to make medicine. gattilier, hemp tree, monk's pepper, vitex, Vitex agnus castus Primary Uses Chaste tree is used orally for premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea, hyperprolactinemia1, corpus luteum insufficiency, and breast tenderness. Consumption of vitex or chasteberry can help to strengthen the whole body of women. I have found this to be an Vitex is safe while trying to conceive and during the first trimester of pregnancy. Thank you. The shrub has long, finger-shaped leaves, blue-violet flowers, and dark purple berries. Vitex agnus castus – Chaste tree – Chaste tree is another beneficial way to boost progesterone levels if your progesterone is low. Vitex has been shown to prevent miscarriages for a number of reasons, though caution is always encouraged when reading into these things. If Vitex is the right Vitex earns a place in my Top 5 Favorite Herbs for Women and today, I want to tell you how this powerful herb can help with your hormones. It is a flowering shrub native to the Mediterranean region that grows to 15 feet and is showered in tiny delicate flowers. A luteal phase defect is defined as an insufficient amount of progesterone 3 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual cycle and is a common cause for early miscarriage in women with PCOS. A comparative study investigating the pharmaceutical Bromocriptine and the herbal medicine Vitex agnus-castus found no side effects associated Vitex agnus-ca stus compared to 12. As it works to help the body increase and then regulate the levels of progesterone in the body, Vitex can help keep pregnancies safe. Stopping vitex whilst pregnant - posted in Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information: Hi ladies,When and how should I stop taking vitex? I am 6 weeks pregnant and my naturopath told me to just Threatened miscarriage is any vaginal bleeding other than spotting during the early stages of pregnancy. However, all the doctors which I consulted told me I had to go for surgery. How Does Vitex Work? Vitex has been used for centuries to help women deal with "woman issues," but science still doesn't know how exactly vitex works. Pre Menstrual Stress: Vitex helps to relieve Pre Menstrual Stress or PMS. Unfortunately, most sites online that say vitex may have a connection to twin births are by word of mouth on discussion boards like the one we are on now. Its progesterone-promoting effect may even lower the risk of miscarriage in women who have had repeated miscarriage losses, something that can be due to low progesterone levels. As Starlight says Vitex is good if you have problems with progesterone, so you should only take it in the latter part of your cycle (ie the luteal phase after ovulation). Vitex is a popular herb for balancing the menstrual cycle and resolving PMS. Vitex supplementation can help modulate prolactin and get a healthy balance of estrogens and progesterone back on track. "Mindy - I guess it depends on what is causing your long cycles. Can help discourage miscarriage – miscarriages caused by low progesterone levels can sometimes be avoided through the progesterone-producing effects of vitex. Vitex supplements typically contain extracts of the fruit and/or seed of the plant. Whether using it for calming PMS, helping with fertility troubles, or supporting you through menopause, Vitex is lauded as a phenomenal herb for women’s hormonal troubles. If you have suffered a miscarriage, I am very sorry for your loss. This is a very  18 Apr 2015 What was your infertility issue, and do you believe Vitex aided in fixing it. Vitex is technically the name for the largest genus in the family Verbenaceae, which comprises 250 species distributed all over the world. The authors of the study suggest that one aspect of the treatment of infertility (particularly in And our story of miscarriage is mixed with a story of trying to conceive. What you need to know about missed miscarriages. Vitex is considered safe to take when trying to conceive. Traditionally used to help support hormone production and maintain a healthy menstrual cycle, vitex is able to support hormonal balance in the body without containing any hormones itself. My first post was 2 years ago but ended in a missed miscarriage around 12 weeks. I know it's frustrating. If you are working with a knowledgeable herbalist or medical professional, you may decide that vitex will help you recover. I have read that vitex is great to use during pregnancy, AND that one shouldn't use it during pregnancy. But just how good is the evidence for its use? 18 Jan 2008 Safety and efficacy of chastetree (Vitex agnus-castus) during pregnancy stimulant activity, emmenagogue activity and prevent miscarriages. Vitex agnus-castus (chasteberry) – is the fruit of the chaste tree sometimes called “the womens’ herb. While the link between progesterone and miscarriage is not debated, the ability to supplement progesterone into a pregnant female to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and birth is. A blighted ovum might almost be described as a pregnancy that never was: it’s a type of miscarriage that occurs when a fertilized egg fails to develop into an embryo. Vitex is considered contraindicated during pregnancy, though may be used during the first trimester for the prevention of miscarriage when there is progesterone insufficiency (until the placenta takes over). It can also be used in conjunction with progesterone cream. Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree berry) is a well-known herb that has been used for centuries in Europe for hormonal imbalances in women. Once I was in the two week wait I stopped taking vitex, but continued taking everything else and have continued to take it through this pregancy (I am 22 weeks) In my previous pregnancy (which resulted in miscarriage in 2008) I was only taking a prenatal and it took me almost 2 years to get pregnant! After my miscarriage I started taking Fertilaid which containe vitex and vitamins. Vitex works by in the body increasing progesterone levels during the luteal phase of a woman’s monthly cycle. Vitex Or Chaste Tree Berry . Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) is used by midwives and herbalists to prevent miscarriage associated with low progesterone, where it may exert its effects via enhancing corpus luteum function. This kind of support may help to get your hormones back on track to regulating the menstrual cycle once again. Low progesterone levels can cause miscarriage so vitex can help to prevent this. It is known that many women suffer from miscarriage because of fluctuation in It’s so hard to believe that if we hadn’t had a miscarriage years ago, a son or daughter would be celebrating a third birthday around now. no higher rates of miscarriage or OHSS than those who did not take herbs. Miscarriage is a major life stressor for those who experience it, and feelings of loss, anger, sadness, guilt, and more can linger in the months or years following a miscarriage. Dr claims it is too early to be a period and that my cycles need to regulate themselves. In fact, Vitex supports early pregnancy preventing miscarriage in women who suffer from luteal phase defect. There is a risk that this plant components interfere on the levels of hormones that regulate pregnancy and miscarriage may occur. Hi everyone! I am new to this site but I wanted to share my experience with vitex. No studies comparing the effectiveness for herbal medicines and the oral contraceptive pill in Chasteberry, also known as Vitex agnus-castus, is the fruit of the chaste tree, a member of the mint family; Also known as vitex, chasteberry’s health benefits are mostly related to reproduction and, in women, to menstrual health You might have some concerns about getting pregnant after miscarriage, but you shouldn't: Many women have healthy babies after losing a pregnancy. I too was doing Accupuncture & Herbs & Vitex & Evening Primrose Oil following my missed miscarriage in December last year. Vitex suplement to balance your natural hormones - often used during used for treating "lumpy" (fibrocystic) breasts, female infertility, preventing miscarriage in  14 Sep 2018 Vitex, also known as the chaste berry, is an herb that's been around PMS symptoms, raise progesterone, and even prevent miscarriages due  It is also used for treating “lumpy” (fibrocystic) breasts, female infertility, preventing miscarriage and increasing breast milk. It supposedly helps with PMS symptoms, heavy menstruation, menopause, and miscarriage prevention (due to low levels of the hormone progesterone). Question: In my research, it appears that both Vitex and Red Rasberry are good for preventing miscarriages in the first trimester, however I cannot seem to identify if they are "safe" to take "together". However, if you are experiencing heavy bleeding for two weeks or more after a miscarriage, you need to see your doctor right away. The cause of my first pregnancy miscarriage seemed to b a bleed sac above my baby at 6 1/2 weeks. The information contained within this site is meant to supplement the information given to you by your own physician but is not to be used in place of your physician's medical advice. Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals. How to Care for Yourself After a Miscarriage. The bleeding is sometimes accompanied by abdominal cramps. Miscarriage Support Group. Vitex agnus-castus L. While some researchers agree that vitex agnus-castus should not be used during pregnancy to avoid complications others agree that vitex can be taken through the end of first trimester in order to help prevent miscarriage. vitex miscarriage

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